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A Bug’s Life
Wall art featuring insects might not seem the most attractive idea at first. Until you realize they are actually beautiful creatures with gorgeous colours and fantastic shapes. Not scary, but very pretty.


Old entomology illustrations in poster sizes will look fabulous in an eclectic interior. Use them as a starting point for a colour scheme, as was done here. The colours of the insects are reflected in the wall paint and accessories.


Framed butterflies are the prettiest objects. Not too fond of the real thing? Prints will look just as good. Especially combined with antique paintings, vintage prints and – look at that! – framed plants.


Do you fear a room could look too girly? Stick a few monochrome posters of beetles on the wall. They will form a cool contrast to the softness of the pinks, birdcage and flowers.


An insect print will look cool in a little corner full of unique finds: cross-stitch roses, an ornate tea kettle and a pretty slipper. Assemble some interesting objects and try creating a similar set-up yourself.

What’s better than an old didactic school poster? Lots of them! Combine several insect prints with a collection of plant posters for a fabulous wall gallery. These ones are by Dutch brand Sissy Boy.



Make nature the main theme for your interior, by not only having a wonderful array of potted plants but also a lovely collection of insect wall art. Choose natural materials for the furniture, floor and rugs as well.


Daredevils might want to go for an insect wallpaper, like this one by Onszelf. It’s an eye-catcher, that’s for sure. With walls full of shiny black crawlies, the rest of the room can be kept simple. These accessories in natural colours do the trick.


Phylliidae are insects that mimic the shapes of leaves. That’s pretty ingenious. Put a print of one of these crazy creatures on your wall (like this one by SlapDash Papery) and you’ll be able to study their amazing shape every day.

Images from: etsy.com, rhbabyandchild.com, pinterest.com, apartmenttherapy.com, onszelf.com, sissy-boy.com, curatethisspace.com