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Luscious Flora
Now here’s a way to transform your interior. Bring depth and nature into your home with large painted landscapes. Preferably exotic ones – palm trees and tropical birds will brighten your days.

French company Ananbô produces the most exquisite wallpapers. This one is called Lombok, after the Indonesian island. The lush jungle, through which peeks a faraway view, will turn a room into a jaw-dropping space.

Colour, colour, colour! The colourful chairs and accessories are lovely, but of course the backdrop is what really makes this room. Who wouldn’t want to dine with this view of dense foliage, luxuriant flowers and wildlife?

No artist painted more lush and mysterious tropical forests than Henri Rousseau. A reproduction on a wall hanging, like this one from DecoraStore, will turn a minimalist white room into something else entirely.

Another example of the Lombok wallpaper by Ananbô, this time used in a bathroom. It’s not the first place you’d think of for wallpaper, but here it has a great effect. It enlarges the space and gives it a dreamy quality.

Add interest to a hallway with a large depiction of a magnificent banana tree. This one is available at Paris interior design store Au fil des couleurs. For those who want to travel in their heads even more: hang a few maps on the wall, like here.

Why not have a large landscape and a big bird? This 19th century illustration by French-American artist John James Audubon, made into a XXL mural by Milexa, will turn a dull office space into a room with a view.

British company Surface View makes amazing murals. Open up your bedroom by placing a grand garden behind your bed. Done! Now all you need to do is have sweet dreams.

Play with perceptions of space by using different wallpaper on walls that are visible from another room. Go from a classical garden to a tropical beach in just a few steps. Keeping the colour scheme similar will make sure the effect isn’t too jarring.

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