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Neon Dreams
Neon signs are just great; they are uplifting, eye-catching and retro as well as totally now. While the real thing looks fantastic, prints with neon letters are wonderful too. Use these to give your interior a splash of bold colour.

This neon sign says ‘breathe’ in French. It’s in the perfect corner to take a breather too, with the gorgeous wallpaper and gold pouf and table. Without the neon, the room would look more bohemian but a lot less modern.

How is this for an inventive artwork? A wall hanging with a faded print and punchy neon letters – that’s a marvellous combination. Without the neon, the room would look rather moody; the letters give it a rock‘n’roll injection.

Of course, a real neon sign would be amazing on your walls also. Or, should you have one, by your pool. If not, just imagine how this picture will look in your house. Not the same, but pretty nice too.

What’s more festive than cocktails? Put your house in a permanent ‘it’s the weekend!’ mood with an image with that magic word in neon. sells the fabulous print, that will also look great next to your collection of spirits.

Not that we would be tempted to get into the bath fully clothed, but that print is pretty great. It transforms a basic monochrome bathroom into a glamorous place with a Miami vibe. Of course, the beautiful tropical plant helps too. The print is by Etsy shop onetwoprintme.

Have your home office greet you every day with a sign saying just how gorgeous you are. Good mood for the next 24 hours guaranteed. This fantastic combination of a palm leaf print and neon letters is by Wonder Walls Studio.

This image of the beach by Ruby and B is in itself delightful and relaxing to look at. But add ‘Relax’ in pink neon letters and it’s even better. The lovely lamp in the same shade of pink is a nice touch.

Amsterdam restaurant Betty Blue serves lovely breakfast, lunch and cake. And while you eat, it boosts your confidence with a neon sign that says ‘You are spectacular’. Thank you Betty! That is one inspiring interior.

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