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To The Letter
An art print that consists of just one great big character looks pretty cool. Pick a random letter in a lovely font and use it as a bold statement, or find your favourite initial to make it personal.

Oh yes! The statement letter print is the perfect choice for moody, industrial living rooms or lofts like these. The white frame is a smart pick; now all the focus goes toward the character.

Another G, in a rather more cinematic interior as seen on Instagram account @Mikkeldahlstroem. The G is taking centre stage as you can see, though the real secret of its power lies in the surrounding and complementing black and white artworks.

This room we spotted at the Swedish interior and design site Historikahem would be rather more boring without the huge letter H. Though we have to say the beautiful green bedding is looking pretty fabulous, too.

We like this one very much indeed! The framed letters X and O make for a sweet, romantic story. A simple yet strong idea we spotted at Etsy shop DearLilyMay. The brass frames and ditto lights add to the chic appearance of this room.

Vintage interiors are lovely, but you have to make sure they don’t look too old fashioned. A modern framed letter (this one is from Etsy shop AandODesignCo) gives the right creative and fresh vibe.

Now let’s have a look at this wall gallery. It works, no? It’s because of the soft shades of the images and the use of the same black frames. Note how the framed letter A makes for an interesting addition in both colour and shape.

This is the home office of content creator and stylist Amy of the blog We love the minimal styling of this space, and how the letter G print stands out without being overbearing.

OK, so one letter is too minimalist for you? Just hang a few characters, like you see in this lovely atelier. We dig the mix between framed and unframed letter prints. There’s a funny twist here too, with the weird character in the frame. Fun!

We spotted this great letter art styling on the blog Ma Miason Blanche. Thumbs up for the modest yet kick ass combo with the other black and white graphic designs. By not adding other colours or styles a strong, Scandi look is created.