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Our brand portfolio

Some people are charmed by classic photographs of Paris in the twenties, in a simple black frame. Others prefer to hang an iconic black and white picture of Jack Nicholson in their hallway. Some choose brightly coloured, almost abstract images produced by microscopes. Different images appeal to different people.

To manage diverse categories of images, consumers, professional parties and price points, Any Image has composed a brand portfolio.

Liv Corday

For the consumer that is in the know of the latest trends in styling, fashion, decoration and photography. Aware, interested in art and artists, and a slight preference for images with a feminine touch. Liv Corday is informed by the eponymous inspiration blog livcorday.com. The images made by our own artists are all sold under the Liv Corday label.

White label

White label products are often used to reinforce and accelerate online campaigns.

Jacob Baden

For the aficionado of classic, iconic images of celebrities with enduring appeal. For people who do not much care about the latest trends. A classic car also gets better and better with age, doesn’t it? Frames must not distract from, but support the images.

Private label

Several of our partners work with their own brands. With the images in our private label category we are capable of matching the image selection with the brand image and price point of our partners.