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Misty Mountains
Prints of snow-capped mountains and foggy forests will give your home a cosy and wintery feel. As well as a touch of magic: the images make you think of fairy tales.

misty mountains 014

This is how you make a modest statement with only one bright colour, like the green in this dining room. There is a beautiful, serene unity between the pine forest and the green plants.

misty mountains 004

Surprise yourself and your visitors: choose a unique shape for your print. This wall sticker by Urban Outfitters is like a window onto a beautiful Alpine peak.

misty mountains 001

A misty mountain print calls for natural colours and materials, like this piece of wood, wooden furniture and brick wall. It will create a chic rustic mood.

misty mountains 009A
The white bedroom.

If your room needs a big statement, then a wall mural might be your solution. It’s almost impossible to make your room more dreamy and magical than this.

misty mountains 008

Would you like to spend your nights in a fairy tale landscape? You’ll definitely have magic dreams underneath this duvet cover by society6.

misty mountains 011

The interior of Amsterdam restaurant Nevel (the name means ‘mist’ in Dutch) is all about simple design furniture, shimmery details and lots of white. The perfect surroundings for a huge print of a winter wonderland.

misty mountains 012

misty mountains 006

The plywood trend is everywhere, so it was only a matter of time until some creative blogger came up with this great diy idea. Make your own headboard of plywood, and decorate it with a misty mountain print. It’s the perfect combination! See how it’s done at the merrythought.com.

misty mountains 013

Decorating is all about telling stories. So why don’t you put a chair with a nice woollen pillow or sheep skin next to your misty mountain print? Looks like a cloud came by to say hi.

misty mountains 002

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