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Tropical Vintage
A tropical touch gives your home a sense of summer all year long. Keep it classy by going vintage: retro travel prints, surf memorabilia and beautiful Hawaiian fabrics.

A great mix of prints of summer scenes will turn any room into a chic surf shack. And adding surfboards to the ceiling? Wow, that has maximum impact.

tropical vintage 04

Stick No Bills is a Sri Lankan company that sells beautiful retro travel posters and postcards. Every year they award the No Bill Piece Prizes for travel poster design. This work by Ruwangi Amarasinghe was one of 2014’s winners.

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tropical vintage 21

There is a great variety of Hawaiian fabrics available: with palm trees, hibiscus flowers and other exotic blooms. Not only for those famous shirts, but also for upholstery.

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tropical vintage 05

An easy way to transform a drab chair or couch is by adding some throw pillows with exotic foliage prints. These ones by Australian Homeworks Design Store are pretty fabulous. If you’d like to make them yourself: has a huge selection of fabrics.

tropical vintage 14
tropical vintage 15
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Nick Kuchar is a surfer from Florida who now lives in Hawaii. He doesn’t just surf: he also designs wonderful prints, stationery and tote bags in sun bleached colours. Inspired by surf culture, of course. His label is called Everything Is Jake.

What’s a tropical theme without a lovely bikini? This one, designed for the H&M WaterAid collection, has a great retro print and shape. Find similar styles at


tropical vintage 10

Hotel the Surf Lodge is near New York: in The Hamptons, Montauk to be precise. But it nonetheless has a tropical feel. The turquoise floor in the lobby makes sure of that, as well as the colourful objects and bright prints on the wall.

tropical vintage 02

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Aloha is a beach bar and surfer hangout on the Dutch coast. It doesn’t always have the best weather, but that is soon forgotten amongst the many tropical paintings, pictures and knick-knacks. It’s a very inspiring mix and the bamboo frames are especially lovely.

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